Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Things have been pretty quiet, or as quiet as it ever is with my kiddos:). We are experiencing a bit of a heat wave.  We have been into the upper 80's and even the low 90's a couple of days.  Most people think they are gonna die from heat stroke, the girls however were really glad because it means they get to go swimming.  The lake is still really cold but it doesn't keep them from loving it.

Lyle is still enjoying football, even on the days he comes home dragging his rear.   He is the the team's main center and he hopes to get some defense time in as well.  The team has  nicknamed him, The Beast.  

Today is the last day for the girls' book club.  They have finished reading Schooled and they will put on a short play today.  Hopefully they will continue the Book Club into the school year but we aren't sure yet.

Tomorrow we have Open House at school, the girls are super excited to go meet their teachers.  From there we will be headed to Lyle's first ballgame:)

Last Friday I interviewed for a position with the Head Start program here in Babbitt.  They called Monday to offer the job, as soon as my background check comes back I will have a definite start date.  I will be working about 23 hours a week, which is perfect  because I will have afternoons free and one full day off.  The program has 13 kids ages 3-4 and they attend class Monday thru Wednesday for 4 hours, then I have one day in the classroom for prep.  When we moved, I told Robert that for the first year or so I would prefer to work part-time and preferrably for the school system.  The Head Start program is perfect because of the hours and they pay better than the public school system.  I really like the teacher that I will be working with as well.  I also get to wear my jeans, which makes me very happy;)

Robert is still down south, he really enjoyed spending the weekend with my parents and attending services on Sunday, then lunch with a group of good friends. He sure has missed his little buddy Bren, as well as everyone else;)

Hopefully my Kindle will let me post more pics
on my next post. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Picnic in Duluth

Last Saturday we met with the Duluth congregation for a picnic at Enger Park.  There was a lot of great food and fellowship.  I'm sad to say I cannot remember a single name.  Usually I'm good with names and faces but we met so many all at once I couldn't keep up but they were a wonderful group of people and we really enjoyed ourselves.

The park was beautiful with lots of gardens, trails and views.  The kids favorite was the tower that overlooked Duluth. 

Lyle officially started football practice this week.  He really likes the coaches and team.  Coach says he can be the 8th and 9th man if need be.  He will play center for the most part and they are working with him to be their kicker.  The coaches and team have even talked him into playing basketball;).

We are all anxious to watch some hockey. Lyle informed me that you can tell who on the football team plays hockey by the amount of teeth missing.

So far the girls are enjoying the book club and they are anxious for school to start.

Robert has been gone a full week now and things are going well on the pipeline.  They are mainly in the setup phase but he has been busy.

This has been a rough week for me.  Homesickness has definitely caught me. I've had my moments since we left but Robert being down south with my family when I can't be with any of them has just not settled well.  I'm really anxious for school to start.  I'm hoping to work at least part time but just having a schedule, practices, games and homework will help the time move a bit faster until Reunion;)

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday Drive

Our Sunday's always begin with getting up and going to Services.  Our lesson this morning was great as usual and it is really nice to enjoy the short fellowship that follows each lesson.  My family and I are very blessed to have been welcomed into two very loving church families.  It has been great getting to know everyone here but I still really miss everyone back in Oologah.

After services we were invited to join Ed, Diane and Cynthia for lunch.  Ed is the preacher for our congregation here, his wife is Diane and Cynthia is their daughter, they are truly wonderful people.  After an awesome lunch and a game of Bananagrams we headed home.

Once we got home we decided to take a short nap and then go for a drive.  Robert and I are enjoying trying to find some of the smaller lakes near by.  They say this is the land of 10,000 lakes but I am thinking they should have said ponds.

We tried to find Pear Lake Saturday night but it got too dark and we would have had to hike about a mile to get to it.  Considering we were out in the middle of nowhere we decided to try again the next day.

We did find Pear Lake but we didn't get a very good look.  After hiking about a mile we discovered it was really more of a pond and it was surrounded by some very soggy wetlands and the pteradactlys, otherwise known as mosquitoes, were making an appearance so we headed back to the truck and decided to follow the road to see where it would go.

We followed the, very narrow, road about 7 miles and saw some very pretty creeks, Minnesota calls them rivers.

 Robert wants to take us camping back in here this winter.  There are tons of places to ski or go sledding. I personally think he's a little crazy but I hear winter is one if the best times to camp so I guess we will see. ;

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Parks and Trails

Things are finally beginning to settle down and I am really thankful that the craziness
seems to be over.   So far the weather has been gorgeous, except for a couple of cold and rainy days last weekend, a high of 46 in July is just weird.

I'm a little surprised to admit that I really like the little town we live in.  There are two nice parks very close to our house, the kids can take off on their bikes and ride all over town or we have several miles of bike and hike trails about a quarter of a mile away.

This week I took the girls to the library for story time and they were invited to join a children's book club.  It was nice to meet some kids and the girls really enjoyed themselves.  The book they are reading is Schooled and they are anxious to get started.  Once they have read a book they do crafts that relate to the stories and have some sort of snack. For being such a small town the Library is awesome and our librarian has been a huge help in giving local information.

Robert found out this week that he will be headed south on Wednesday the 7th and the job will go until about January :(  I am not looking forward to him being gone.

Today the weather was perfect so we took off for the Bike and Hike trails.  Robert and I are exploring some of the ski trails and trying to get familiar with them before it snows.  The kids are ready for it to snow so they can start learning to ski.

While we were out Robert found some wild raspberries.

Rae is usually fearless and loves to climb trees but she didn't get very far today.

The kids were rather excited to learn that they get an extended summer vacation here. School will start the day after Labor Day.  (We are really hoping Robert will get to come home for the weekend on Rae' s birthday.) I however am really ready for them to go to school, we have absolutely no routine established whatsoever and it is beginning to drive me a little crazy.  Hopefully I will be able to work full time for the school this year, if not I will sub.  I just want to keep busy so the homesickness won't be too bad.