Friday, June 27, 2014


June was kind of a busy month and it is really hard to believe that we are closing in on our first year in Minnesota.  Mom, Jill and JT came for a visit and we went to the North Shore, it was really cold and foggy so they didn't get a good look at the lake but it was fun to hike around and look at the falls.
 My pretty girl:)

We also made it over to the Soudan Underground Mine and then we went to the International Wolf Center.  Only one wolf was out and he was hard to see.  They had just fed them and they were all bunked down in the shade taking a nap.   

Saturday we stayed in Babbitt for Peter Mitchell Days and it was kind of a bust for all of us.  The girls rode a few rides  and we all watched the fireworks.  Lyle puked after his first ride:)  I don't think he will be eating a big bowl of cereal then hopping on rides again.

On Sunday we all went to services and it was really good to see Chuck Northrop and his grandson JT. Hearing Chuck preach made me a bit homesick, I always enjoyed it when he would come to Oologah.  We just spent the rest of the afternoon watching the parade and hanging out at home.

We were finally able to put in a garden and it is doing pretty well. Robert also built me a planter by the front porch and the kids got me some window planters for Mother's Day.  Surprisingly they are doing really well considering I usually manage to kill all plant life I am responsible for.

This is a random picture of Duluth Harbor in May!!

Robert is still looking for work, we are still hoping something comes up really soon.  I just started working at an Assisted Living Center and I like it pretty well except that I am not used to being cussed out by little old ladies.  

I haven't done a very good job of taking pictures lately but I will try to do better there:)