Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Been A Long While.....

It has been a long while since I have posted anything on here, mostly because I have been in kind of a funk since Christmas.   I honestly feel like I've been on a ten month long emotional roller coaster and I'm ready to puke and get off.  To say things have not gone like we thought they would, would be a major understatement.

First off I will say that after 7 solid months, Robert is finally home!!!!  It still feels very strange to have him here.  When he accepted the job up here we honestly thought he would be home more.  It turned out that he was gone way more than ever and he also learned that the company he worked for was not a company he wants to be associated with.  So hopefully he will find another job soon.

We would also move up here the year Minnesota set records for the number of consecutive days below 0.  We had 62 consecutive days but most of those days were in the -15 or colder range.  It has been a brural winter and it is still hanging on.

The snow is absolutely beautiful though, on sunny days everything sparkles.   The girls love to dig tunnels and build forts in the yard.

Raelyn has also discovered ice skating,  next year she will join the figure skating team.  I personally think Scruffy should play hockey, at least I would not have to worry if the uniform is modest enough.

Ryann is still playing trombone in the school band and is just looking way too grown up. She is loving school and continues to be a very social butterfly.

Lyle loves it up here!!  He went on his Outdoor and Forrestry Camping Trip this past weekend.  The conditions were brutal and no one really enjoyed it.  I will write more on this subject when his teacher sends me pictures, Lyle did not take one single pic :(

As for Robert and I,  we are just enjoying being a complete family again.  Things may not be going how we thought they would but we know God has a plan and things will work out.

                                    I think she pushed her :)
 These pictures were all taken after a BUNCH of our snow had melted.  We had a few days in the upper 40's and it didn't take long for it shrink.  It seems to be replenishing though, we just got another 4 inches and more on the way so I guess I won't put the snow gear away just yet.