Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beginning to get Colder.

This week started off our year for Head Start and our group of 12, 3-4 yr-olds whooped me. We have 8 boys and 4 girls. I'm really glad at this point it is only three days per week with the kiddos.  They are a super sweet group of kids and it was fun to play with them.  You forget very quickly how much fun it is to play blocks and color with them at this age.  You also never know what will pop out of their mouths;)

The weather is really up and down here so the girls and I are congested and working on full blown colds.  It was 27 degrees Monday morning and we topped out at about 60.  Today was pretty mild, started off at about 58 and topped out 60.  We are enjoying while it lasts because we are going to start our downward spiral here pretty quick.  Future views predict snow in October, guess I had better start looking for some snow gear.

At the schools here all the kids have two lockers, one for school stuff and one for their winter gear.  The school policy says kids will be expected to go outside unless it gets colder than -18.  BRRRRR

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

33 degrees in September.

On Friday I woke up freezing.  It has been really nice so we usually open windows at night.  Today though it was 33 degrees.  Our high for the day was only 60.  I even had to wear a coat to the ballgame. 

So far the kids are still loving school.  Lyle is going to play for the JV team since enough boys joined.  He will also continue to be a starting player for the varsity team.  With three games this week I think he will be worn out.  

Monday will be the first day for the kids to come for Head Start.  I have met all but one of the kiddos and I think it will be a really good year.  I will be learning sign language to communicate with two of our students.  It will be an official part of our curriculum this year. 

Lyle went hunting today with several friends. He got the one and only Grouse for the day.  He saw a Timber Wolf and a Mountain Lion.  Timber Wolves are very common, he and another friend saw one coming home from the teen center and another today. 

Several people have told me it isn't uncommon to have sightings of them in town. 

Another thing we have an abundance of here right now are geese.  There is a good size flock I pass every morning on my walk. 

Today Raelyn found a nice pair of roller skates for $5.  She has ditched her bike in favor of them.  I guess we need to go buy a helmet since she isn't exactly known for her grace.;)

Beginning of Another School Year

I have never been so ready for school to start.  Everything has just felt out of whack for me since we moved.  I am so ready for the kids and I to have a normal daily routine. 

Luckily all three kids had a blast today.  Both girls came home all excited to tell me about their new friends and teachers.  Lyle even said his day was awesome  (still cannot believe he is in High School). 

Today was also my first day, I had to attend a meeting in Virginia for orientation.  Everyone was really nice and I'm looking forward to working in the classroom the rest of the week.