Saturday, November 1, 2014

Football 2014

There have been so many big changes in our lives over the past several months and a change in schools for the kids was one of those changes.  It was a very hard decision for all of us and Lyle especially resisted at first but it has been one thing that we have absolutely no regrets on.

For the first time ever, Lyle is truly enjoying and thriving in school and the boys on the football team are huge part of that.  It was an amazing season and these boys took Lyle in and made him one of their own.  They call themselves Band of Brothers and it has been an absolute joy watching them.    
Lyle is #51, he is directly behind #5

They played an undefeated season and took 2nd place in our Regional Playoffs. They came out and gave us all a season to remember by playing each game with all of their hearts and by showing incredible sportsmanship.  

I put this picture in to show the socks:)  Loved seeing them support one of their classmates and a player's mother.