Friday, October 25, 2013

Crazy Kid

Our weather up here has definitely taken a plunge.  We are down into the lower 20's in the morning and then our highs have been about mid 30's, with a dusting of snow everyday for the past week.  This morning it was actually pretty icy.  Lyle does not see why I think he should have to wear a coat.  He is perfectly comfortable in a plain T-shirt and maybe a hoodie.  I honestly think he was born for Minnesota. Here was the view out of our front and back door this morning.

We did have a great time when we came down for a few days to see Robert and family last week.   It was hard to leave, especially since it felt like we did not get to see Robert hardly at all, he was rained out earlier in the week and had to work the whole time we were down there, we only got to see him a few hours each evening if we were lucky. :(

 I was really bad about not taking many pictures while we were down, I had a really yucky cold and it really didn't hit me until I got back that  I didn't get a single picture of Mom, Dad or Uncle Dean :(  I am sure my Dad is heartbroken by the fact that is his face won't be gracing this post.

 Rae and Miss Sophie
 Not sure what is up with Ryann's hair...
 My little JT has grown a foot!!!  Ryann is acting like a dork, so is Rae:)
Good pic of Ryann and Aunt Jill.  Love JT's laughing face and of course Rae is being a dork:)

The kids had a blast and we really did enjoy every minute we got to spend with some of the best people on this earth, in my opinion anyway:)  Next time I will try to do a better job of actually taking pictures.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Not Sure I Am Ready For This

Wednesday evening on our way to services I stopped at Target to get a few things.  As soon as we stepped into the store we noticed all the COLD weather gear has been put out.  Rae was really pushing for a pair of lime green and purple snow pants, which really would look adorable on her scrawny butt.  I must have forgotten where I am because my response was, "No, you won't need those for  a while."  An hour later while I was visiting with the ladies after services I was informed that we do in fact have a chance for snow this weekend.  Fall just got here and I am really enjoying it so I am just not having any part of this SNOW in October, yuck.  In fact if it were up to me the snow would just hold off until Robert gets home, considering that will probably be January I am pushing my luck a bit.  I guess since I really do not have any say in it, I will get what I get and I will do my best not to throw a fit.

Earlier in the week I did a post and then somehow managed to delete it while answering a comment.  Oops.
So here is a really quick recap.  Fall is absolutely gorgeous here.  Pictures just do not do it any justice at all.  These pictures aren't very good partially because it was a very blah day.  Even the wild fern have turned fall colors and Rae informed me that we even have pretty ditches here.   Hopefully Sunday will be pretty and I will take some pictures as we go to Virginia for services, the hillsides are really beautiful.

Lyle isn't playing football.  He was really uncomfortable with some things going on with both players and coaches so he opted to focus on his grades and open up more time for hunting.  He is also looking into finding a job here in town.

All three of the kids are constantly on the go.  I even kind of miss them they are gone so much.  Of course I then have days where I have so many kids here I get a little twitchy.  All three of them have some really great friends and I enjoy getting to know them, even if Lyle's friends say we talk funny:)

We are down to 12 days until we head south for a few days!!!  I am just a little excited.  Wednesday was 8 weeks that Robert has been gone and I honestly think he is even more homesick than I am.  He may not recognize his own kids when we get down there, they have grown so much.

Ryann has been traumatized by the death of Bella, her hamster. I think she cried for three days straight.  A couple of her friends helped her bury Bella and even made a tombstone out of a brick and put flowers on her grave.  Poor Logan, our next door neighbor and Ryann's BFF, sat and just patted her back while she cried.

Raelyn has also had a traumatic day, she had to go to the Principal's office today.  One of her friends moved another kids bike and then blamed her for it.  Luckily several other kids said she was innocent but I think she has been scared straight and she swears she will never ever ever be friends with that little girl again.

I finally got to work my normal schedule for the first time this week.  My normal schedule is Mon-Wed from 7:30 to 1:30 with the kids and then Thurs from 7:30-12:30 for Prep and Planning.  The past three weeks I have had to go for training seminars so I had Thursday off and work on Friday.  I really like my normal schedule:)  The kids are a lot of fun, I still come home some days feeling like I have been steam rolled but all in all I love it.

Hopefully I will luck out and we will just get rain this weekend but if not I think it will be really pretty here covered in snow to:)