Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Sleep Over

 Ryann's birthday is Tuesday so we had a sleep over.  What was originally supposed to be a couple of friends each turned into 10 kids.  They did surprisingly well, a couple of short bursts of girl drama and one kiddo decided she wanted to call mom at 12: 00 a.m. and poor Logan took it all like a champ.  Lyle however escaped to the basement and made very few trips upstairs.

I think this might have been the only time all of the little crew was together.

 They were a really good group of girls:)

 Not exactly sure what is up with their expressions:)
My girl is getting way to big.

 Ryann's new bedding set:)

This morning they decided to go outside and play in what was left of the snow.  

It is pretty much gone but we have more coming in for the next few days

 Pj's and snow boots.

It warmed up to about 47 today so they enjoyed a lot of outside time.

This is what it has looked like for the past couple of  weeks.

Friday, November 1, 2013


This is the first time I have ever lived in town during Halloween and I enjoyed seeing all of the little and not so little ghouls and goblins.  The girls had a blast being able to go all over town with a group of friends trick-or-treating.  Usually we have to drive them from place to place.  Once they were done they came home and had almost as much fun helping me pass out candy.   
Ryann went as a witch.
Raelyn started off this morning as Draculaura from Monster High but then decided she liked the idea of being a Pop Star better:)  Not exactly sure what the expression is but it seems like we have been seeing a bit more of Scruffy here lately.

It ended up being a fairly nice night, it warmed up to about 40 and has stayed above freezing for a couple of days.  I am just glad the kids had a good night and didn't freeze.   Now we are crashing from a sugar rush and we are all very ready for bed.  

Happy Halloween:)